Good Morning!

Sunday brought an end to a busy week for all of us out at the farm. We successfully attended five farmer’s markets: Santa Rosa, St. Helena, Mill Valley, Larkspur and Petaluma! We may not have gotten a write up in the paper but everything looked fantastic! We had baby Tom’s Thumb lettuces that looked like light green roses. The Bloomsdale Spinach is really taking off (and with the wind at the Petaluma market some of it actually flew!). The Red leaf lettuce is getting really huge some weighing over half a pound! The Speckled lettuce is getting bigger too, the bold flavor makes it a delicious snack on its own. We had French Breakfast Radishes that are considerably mild in spiciness- the color is amazing so bright red on the outside.

Unfortunately the Strawberries were hit with hale, we had a JAM-borie to use up the not-so-pretty-but-still-tasty guys. The jams turned out great and the plants themselves are looking a lot better. We are hoping to have more for the upcoming markets this week.

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