Rain, rain again…

The Santa Rosa Market was canceled today because of rain. I guess it makes easy fun (like the outdoor wine tasting) complicated. Here on the farm we appreciate the amount of work Mother Nature can do for us- she waters and we reduce the amount of electricity we use. It also make today ideal for planting. Nothing is lost and some of the produce (Spinach, Strawberries, maybe lettuce) picked for the market will be taken to Oliver’s Market in Cotati. We put more mint in the ground today getting our hands covered in mud. The mint loved it soft cool mud with room to stretch out their roots is better than being in a bucket. The gladiolas are starting to  come up they are about four inches- green spears pointed at the sky, we are looking forward to an array of color from them in a few weeks.


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2 responses to “Rain, rain again…

  1. Joanna

    So you sell to Oliver’s in Cotati? Can you tell what you have sold to them so I can seek it out? I am specifically looking for those beautiful little Tom Thumb lettuces! – Thanks.

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