Fooled by the County

So yesterday was suppose to be our big Farm Stand hang out day but Sonoma County decided that they wanted to cutdown some branches and took over the parking lot we were going to use as a farm stand. I was ready to go too. I had some amazing Sweet Pea bunches that look incredible. Our Cocozelle Zucchini is getting really fat, perfect for stuffing and baking. We are working on a new crop of Kale that is looking very tasty for juicing! We are waiting to hear when we can actually open the stand. Right now they are saying ‘you have to wait’. So we are waiting. Impatiently. Hoping to get out there sometime this weekend if not hopefully they will let us be there next Thursday.


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2 responses to “Fooled by the County

  1. Amanda

    Hey Linds. When you guys start getting mass tomatoes and/or basil, we’d love to buy a bunch. Especially tomatoes for canning. Also, do you grow pickling cucumbers? (Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.)

    • Soon we will have more ripe tomatoes than our plants can handle- the early girls are super heavy with green and yellow fruits. We have tons of basil right now, Italian, Opal, and Tulsi (thai on the way!) I believe we will have pickling cucumbers maybe not for a while though- they haven’t been in the ground too long. 🙂

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