From St. Helena to Jenner- Friday’s outer limits!

Tomorrow is a busy day for the outer reaches of the farm. We will be in two markets St. Helena in the morning and Occidental in the evening. Our awesome Cocozelle Zucchini that keeps shape when sauteed will be making a special appearance! We will also have Potatoes, Broccoli, and brazing greens- Collards, Chard, Mustard, Kale! Our Tat Soi is coming on strong too. Salad Mix by the pound! Our booths are overflowing with vibrant organic produce. Stop by and grab dinner plans!

Tomorrow we are also in Jenner with several CSA shares– $20 boxes that will satisfy your inner grazing animal! This week we are bring boxes full of salad mix, zucchini, potatoes, chard, and surprises! This week we will also be debuting our Heirloom Old Spice Sweet Peas! A great way to shop without hassle and a wonderful way to brighten up the house!

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