Organic Flowers

 Our Oriental Lillies are looking amazing- they smell out of this world. I love the pink inside with the white outline. We also have pure white and all pink. The Sweet Peas are still pumping hard- so elegant and lovely. The scent they put off is incredible. Light and wimsical. We also have a variety of Sunflowers like Autumn and Teddy Bear– when you look at the Teddy Bears you know why they got their name. Our Gladiolus are also working wonders. We have White, Yellow, and a few Green. We also have Zinnas and Love in the Mist which look stellar. So colorful and vibrant.

We also started setting up a new green house for plant succulents! This will be an extension of our flower adventure.  It is looking very nice with steel framing and level ground.Everything is looking really great! Hope you are enjoying the summer.

You can find our flowers at Community Market in Santa Rosa and at The Fish Bank in Valley Ford. If you are planning an event or would like more information you can email us at .


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