Big Ol’ Update

Seems like forever and a day since I sat down to write about the farm. A lot has been happening as you can imagine with any living organism. The hot weather is helping move things along for the tomatoes while also making most everything else out here go to seed. The Green Romaine went to seed very fast; it looks like little Pine Trees. The Fennel, Parsley, Cilantro went too. It doesn’t take long for the other plants to see what’s happening and join in on the fun. And what happened to the potatoes? Well, I dare say they were eaten joyously by our fantastic fan base! Time to plant more. We are starting a list for winter crops if you have suggestions comment below.

The glorious thing is that Spinach is back in full tilt. We also have beets! Salad mix! Epazote the ancient herb of the Aztecs meaning smelly animal! Don’t let it fool you Epazote is an amazing herb that can be added to many different things- an employee at Community Market likes it best in Quesadillas.

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  1. paul

    Hi Mike, Sounds like things are moving fast. I’d love to come see the farm sometime before it starts to freeze. Any cellular connections??Give a wiggle my way when you get off the mudder.

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