There are funny little dinosaurs running around the farm- they eat everything. They fight over bagel pieces and aggressively look at one another. With food in their mouth they grab for another bite. Cawing at the one with the most food.

They are very curious finding their way into the kitchen eating the sesame seeds on the floor. Not as much loot as they had hoped for so they move onto the next thing. One looks sadly at me and eats rocks- those prehistoric eyes only want one thing- more bagel.

I’m not falling for it. There is plenty of plush ground for them to scratch up. Worms and other bugs waiting to be eaten.  She sharpens her beak on harder ground, looks at me me again. I think I’m being intimidated by a chicken.

Cautiously the chickens stalk into a nearby office. What’s in here? Is there food in here?  Cooing, scratching looking for more bagel. Wyll jumps from his computer- startled from the calm abyss of technology…

“What is this a chicken circus?” He dramatically throws his arms to the sky and they scurry over each other out of his way. They walk under the outside table- a popular lunch spot for workers- looking for old bits of tortilla and other food scraps.

Slowly they find their way into the sun, a great place for cleaning and biting at themselves. Together they groom on one leg letting the morning flow into the afternoon. One nestles into the dirt soaking up the sun.

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