Fog has been enclosing the farm. Frost is coming in and eating away at the squash leaves. Most of the flowers have found a way underground, leaving us with bright orange Marigolds and heirloom Sunflowers. Some crops are doing well like lettuce and mâche. Surprisingly we are also looking at our first crop of Chandler Strawberries, not the best flavor yet but still really good.
Life around the farm is quieting down.Slow days seem to fall into early nights. The chill sinks into your bones. It makes hot drinks like coffee and tea desirable all day long. The greenhouses are becoming a haven for leeks, spinach, herbs… employees.
The chickens are having fun with the weather- I think it makes it easier to get into the dirt. Bugs are welcome here, greeted and eaten on sight. Yesterday the bugs were crawling up the electric pole and a chicken was jumping up (flapping its wings to get higher) to eat them.

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November 17, 2011 · 6:11 pm

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