Certified Organic US and EU

Today something amazing happened. We went from being registered organic to being Certified  Organic. We went above and beyond by also following international standards. We can sell to the US and EU as Organic.

The farm started this process almost 2 years ago. After a long waiting period  we were turned away from a local certifier for lack of Inspectors. They had put our application on hold in hopes of receiving additional funding with a new budget.When their new budget came it actually was less then the one they were working with.

So in April we were on the hunt again. We found Organic Certifiers in Ventura. Our application was over 80 pages long (our seed list alone is ten pages.) It was a lot of back and forth over labels and reports. It was not until October that the paperwork was finished enough for the Inspector to come out. It seemed like forever before that was wrapped up (it actually only took a month). 

Since November we have been on the phone and emailing working out the EU standards, So many countries, so many rules. It’s been really great to try to understand all the rules.In the last two weeks I  memorized their phone number and talked to our representative several times a day. Our certifier is now one of my good friends. She will be getting a Christmas present from us but I’m not sure if it will be as good as the cert!

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  1. Sienna O'Banion

    Congratulation on being certified organic! That’s wonderful!

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