Getting Grounded!

Over the past few weeks we have been setting the scene for next year. Picking out what we think works well for us and trying to get it ordered and here before all chaos breaks lose or it just gets too dang late. Slowly packages arrive carrying live plants, one pallet at a time different varietals find their way to separate sections of the farm. All the artichokes are in zone one which will be wonderful to see from the road come spring and summer when it will look like a jungle. We are hoping that the chard and kale will find their strength out in the field. The frost found them rather quickly once they were planted. We did cover them, but the first night in the ground was the coldest it had been in a while. Over all the farm is looking amazing. The deep rich browns and greens are very uplifting. The animals are all very happy. All around the farm we have planted wheat, it looks like a very coarse thick grass. It is doing very well and makes for a nice looking cover crop during these dreary months. Today is perfect for drinking hot tea and watching the farm grow. We hope you put a little relaxing in your day as well.

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