Late January

The produce lull is lasting longer than any of us would like. Vegetables go at their own pace when covered in frost or howling winds. Lucky for them we have also seen the first major rain of the season. Which makes the air a little warmer and the soil a little more comfortable. The sun has been showing its face perhaps every other day, reminding the greens to stretch upward and grow. The Kale is doing very nicely. Last week a herd of cattle (21 cows) broke down a fence and tried it out. Fortunately they were more into our Kamut and Cabbage. Who can blame them? The kale is recovering and the additional plants are growing at a good pace. We planted artichokes, they look lovely. There is also a new tunnel green house with three rows of Parsley. Several varieties of Lettuce made it into the ground including Tom Thumb, Butterhead, Romaine.

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