More Potatoes!

Just in the last week  the farm doubled in size. The lot adjacent to ours will soon be producing yummy dry farmed potatoes for your enjoyment. Mike has been tilling non-stop, it takes all day to do six rows. I would say that he has at least 30 rows tilled (60 more to go.) That’s two weeks tilling, with another week or two forming the beds. In about  four or five weeks we should be putting the potatoes in the ground. Our team is hard working and I would not be surprised if they pulled it off a week early.

This is the first time this land has been planted so we  have tons more work to do. One of the harder parts with new land is planting the seeds for the first time. When you use a tractor there can’t be anything in the dirt, even grass gets stuck under the seeder. When that happens the seeds don’t get covered, they become feed for the birds. If all goes to plan we will be selling wondrous potatoes in a few months.

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