Soil Inputs

Every year we work through a crop rotation that bring us back to the soil at the beginning of each year. January is a reminder of the amazing soil we have here in Bloomfield. Technically it is called Steinbeck’s Silty Sandy Loam. The area that we are in use to be the Russian River. We are farming on ancient river bed. The soil has also been taken care of over the last few decades by wild animals, Turkeys and Cattle. If you pick some soil up in your hand it is soft like silk, very fine. It also retains water instead of letting the wind take it all.

This morning Mike discussed the importance of aerobic composting. This is how we let the wind go through everything. Introducing fungal microorganisms to break down solid matter. These fungal organisms are similar to those found in soil. As we set up rows for new plantings we introduce mulch turning it into the soil several times before planting new seeds. As the air moves around the mulch and the soil it breaks down the mulch so the plants can take the nutrients in through their roots! Life is so amazing!

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