Fava Beans


Few crops look delightfully yummy while fighting against 24 mph winds. In fact you can barely tell that the photographer has almost toppled over twice. This years crop of Fava beans are looking excitingly yummy and will most likely be bound for the farmers markets this coming weekend. These fibrous large bean pods are very tasty, shelled and eaten in salads or roasted in the oven with salt and oil. They also make a great side dish when sauteed very simply. 

Sauteed Fava Bean

2 lbs Favas- shelled about 1 1/2 cups

Boiling salt water

Ice Water


Olive Oil

Garlic, sliced cloves to taste

Salt and pepper.


I imagine from the list of ingredients some of you already know where this recipe is going- prepare to blanch your Favas.

In a soup pan bring the salt water to a boil add the shelled Fava beans for 3 minutes. scoop out and place in ice water to stop cooking. When cool take off outer shell.

Start a sauce pan with butter and oil add garlic and infuse (about 1 minute). Then add in the peeled Fava beans saute for 5-7 minutes. Enjoy!




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