Homemade Caesar Salad

After a weekend of great farmers markets, thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed one or several relaxing mornings, afternoons, or evenings. I came back to the farm with a huge desire for Caesar Salad. I found a recipe I liked easy enough and found I had most of the ingredients.

I eyeball most of my recipes especially dressings, but I will give you a link to the recipe I used. The following recipe is my adjustment. I was  only preparing for two people- so I made less croutons. Also I was putting everything in a blender so i only chopped the garlic and it was coarse.


1/2 Cup tasty Olive Oil

1 spring garlic, chopped

3 pieces sliced sourdough bread cubed

2 eggs

1 peeled whole lemon from DiSanti Farms

A triangle of Broncha from Achadinha Cheese Company

6 Anchovies whole

Pepper, to taste

Salt, two full finger pinches

1 head Romaine gross parts rejected

Okay now we are ready to cook.

Combine oil and garlic, let sit half an hour to infuse.

Crouton: In a large bowl toss together cubed bread and three tablespoons of oil with any savory spice mix (think Italian seasoning). Place on baking sheet and broil for 5-7 minutes. Set aside.

Throw everything in the blender as it appears on the list, save the bread and lettuce and half the cheese. Blend as you go down the list.

Taste and make ajustments.

Tear off the Romaine into a large bowl and add half the dressing mix and taste.

Place on plate add croutons and cheese topping.

Enjoy with a friend or two.

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