Kale Chips coming on strong


Everyone out there enjoys the red kale we grow. Our Maribor Kale is happy loving the hillside and the wind of Cheney Gulch.This is a very versatile crop that appreciates rich soil. Bloomfield soil is great for kale! We are glad to report we have acres ready for chips, spicy salads, wraps, stir fries… you name it. 

Today I am making Kale Chips! So I thought I would share the recipe I got from Cassata- Sonoma at the Marin County Mart Farmers Market


1 bunch Maribor Kale, cleaned and de-ribbed

2 Tablespoons Lemon infused olive oil

Toss in a bowl. Lay out on cookie sheet cook at 250 for 20 minutes. Brown and crispy. Enjoy.

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