Amazing farm soup


My little brother is visiting, eager to tour and eat everything he sees. The imagination of a six year old is as wild as  his thirst for knowledge. He wants to know all the varieties and how to spell it, so he can put it in his notebook. Together we head out on a food adventure. Rows of Zucchini catch his eye first. He picks the biggest one he can find. A foggy grey blanket covers the farm. The cold air is perfect for growing Lettuce and Kale, but soon the chill finds it way into our bones.  After admiring the rolling golden hills and the long rows of so many different produce varieties, we headed back to the house with a strong desire to make the best farm soup.

Olive oil, enough for the bottom of the pot

1 pound Potatoes, chopped to equal size

2 Celery, chopped to equal size

1 bunch Carrots, chopped to equal size

Half a Garlic head, smashed and peeled

2 Zucchini, chopped to equal size



Half Parsley bunch, chopped fine

Lacinato/ Dino Kale Bunch, de-stemmed and torn bite size

Collards, de-stemmed and torn bite size

In a large pot heat Olive Oil and add Garlic, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery. Cook a few minutes then add Zucchini, salt and any additional dry seasonings. When things start to brown add water. Cook for 15 min add Parsley, Kale and Collards. Cook until Potatoes are ready to eat. Can be served with Cheese, Sour Cream and lemon. For a fun touch garnish with Fresh Parsley!

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