Super Fun Farm Weekend

Cabbage and Broccoli making everybody wave and smile!

After a long week of feeding, watering and singing to the veggies, everyone felt it was time to let lose and enjoy all the fun our U-Pick event has to offer. In the seven hours of this past event the fields were full of families! Small children, big children, mamas and papas, perhaps everyone felt a little like a child. Feeling the excitement that comes with  hands covered in dirt. Discovering the wonders of being at least knee deep if not waist deep in Chard.

Ticiana helping U-pick goers knee deep in Chard.


There was a chalk table for lunch and drawings. The wagons were also in full use. These guys are great for pulling around the little ones, the veggie container and any extras. The farm only has four so bringing one for this Sunday guarantees you have one. This Sunday the wagons were given names Daisy, Willie, Lil’ Bit and Rover. I wonder if they will have different ones on the 12th.

Rover and Lil’ Bit in full use

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