New Family Members

Last month we received a shipment of live baby chicks. Under Ticiana’s care they have been growing very quickly, getting big and strong.  There are a few different varieties, all beautiful. Soft and downey, white, brown, golden, spotted. Ticiana know all the names, varieties and benefits. They are so tiny compared to the full size roamers. We keep these babies in a pen with a heat lamp to protect them from the very cold fog and potential predators. We have a few larger birds that like the tasty nibblets we call chicks.

Today they are a little over double in size since they first arrived. When they are first born they were like an egg  with legs. In about two weeks they double in size to about a half pint and at this point they are pint size like a regular half&half carton. Going with the dairy analogy I would say a full size hen is about a gallon or eight pints!

For me it was pretty surprising to watch them grow so fast. While Ticiana and Mike do the feeding and heavy lifting, I get to hang out with them. Everyone at the farm is pretty fascinated by the little guys. So when a half pint baby chick was spotted running around with the bigger hens it was quickly noted that some hen has a secret hiding spot for eggs. It takes three weeks for an egg to hatch into a chicken. So where is this hen laying her eggs? The search continues.

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