Holiday Gifts & Special Offers from Bloomfield Organics

Bloomfield Organics is pleased to announce two special holiday programs for purchasing our local, organic produce. First, we have an “80 for 80” holiday potato special on dry-farmed & organic Yukon Gold potatoes. Secondly, you are now able to purchase Bloomfield Organics CSA gift certificates for friends, colleagues and family members.

“80 for 80” Holiday Special on Premium, Dry-Farmed & Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes

Between now and January 1st 2013 for $80 you can purchase 80 pounds of our premium, dry-farmed and certified organic potatoes. You may choose to go the whole hog for your family or create pool with friends and neighbors. This is a great opportunity to purchase what buyers from Whole Foods and Oliver’s Market have called some of the highest quality and most affordable potatoes grown in the San Francisco Bay Area. These potatoes are excellent for mashed potatoes and other recipes. And you won’t find a better price. Here’s how this program works:




A Bloomfield Organics CSA Subscription — A Great Gift!

If you would like to gift someone a CSA subscription  from Bloomfield Organics you can now do so. We would greatly appreciate any and all “Shares,” Referrals or CSA gifts purchased from Bloomfield Organics and we will make sure your special “Giftee” is tremendously pleased. Call 707.332.9209 or 707.876.3261 for more info and/or follow the directions here.


Bloomfield Farms CSA

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