A February Walk at Bloomfield Organics

Farming can provide a wonderful lifestyle but, like many other lines of work, it can be a frustrating business. At times it’s like pushing a hay bale uphill in the rain. And if you’re trying to farm year-round, like we are,  it can be even more challenging.

We’re not going to “manure” ya’ here…it’s been a challenging winter for our farm as we’re sure it’s been for others. Multiple factors, including an at-times rocky relationship with Mother Nature, have contributed to a challenging start to the year so far, especially with the cold spell delivered by January. Plants are growing slow and, while the bills continue to flow, we just haven’t had a lot of produce to offer.

Bloomfield Farms Walk


But today we decided to take a bit of a break to walk up that hill, just behind our place, for a bit of perspective. And when we got to the top and turned around, this is what we saw and what inspired us. We saw a natural canvas with which our farming team produces edible art. We saw our good neighbors, the farms and ranches who share our delights and struggles to remain viable in agriculture. We saw fields, weather and other factors permitting, that are going to explode with nutritious abundance in the near future. And, most importantly, we saw our team members, members of our family and, in our mind’s eye, we saw the thousands of customers, friends and neighbors who have supported our farm over the years in more ways than can be articulated.

Whether it’s our loyal CSA members, our guests to  U-Pick Sunday, or our amazing local business, grocer and restaurant partners, we were reminded how blessed we are to be in this community and reminded of our lengthy mission….to grow and offer local, organic, fresh-as-all-get-out, GMO-free produce of unparalleled quality, and…importantly…to be a pleasant, transparent, educational and reliable farming partner to all of you.

We look forward to spending more time with you in the upcoming months as things warm up a bit and, basically, there is a bit less mud. The U-Pick Sunday series of events just around the corner. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), with loyal members we can’t thank enough for getting us through the winter, remains open for enrollment with multiple food communities around the bay area. And soon, when things pick up a bit, our produce will again be featured at some of the most amazing establishments in the Bay Area. And we’ll continue our practice of consistently letting you know about those establishments where you can find our produce.

THANK YOU! Thank you for considering where your food comes from and for caring about  the farmers who grow it. Thank you for buying local from our farm — even if it’s a bit more of a stretch financially, than heading to the global chain store. Thank you for recognizing the difference between global AgriBusiness and local AgriCulture which grows not only pure food but additionally a myriad of environmental, social and economic benefits. Thank you for choosing Bloomfield Farms as well as the other amazing local farms and ranches in our area.

We farm for you and cannot survive and thrive without you. And please enjoy some of the photos we took walking back down the hill today!


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2 responses to “A February Walk at Bloomfield Organics

  1. Janis L. Cohen

    Keep your faith, my friend. What you are doing is helping save the earth. Think of that as a mind bender.

    • Janis L. Cohen

      Always look forward to those wonderful boxes. Love the greens, we put them in everything closely resembling soup. Loved the green cauliflower-like vegetable, good raw. Always use the leeks which are sweet and nutritious. Just feels good to be a supporter. And the potatoes are always a welcome treat.

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