Phone: 707.876.3261

Email: contact[at]bloomfieldfarmsorganics.com

Hours of Operation:

  • By appointment, Monday through Fridays.


It is our mission at Bloomfield Organics to grow certified organic and heirloom produce of unparalleled nutrition, freshness and quality. We strive to be the reliable sustainable farming “partner of choice” to our customers and suppliers, all the while taking great care to conserve and regenerate the lands we steward in the Estero Americano Watershed.


Mike Colllins, Founder of Bloomfield Organics, has worked with the soil for 37 years. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, grape growers and wine makers in the Napa Valley and went on to study Olericulture (science of vegetable growing) at UC Davis. It was through this formal education as well as his extensive international agriculture experience where Mike first developed his interest in sustainable agriculture, heirloom varietals and permaculture. In recent years Mike and his family have settled in the rolling hills of the Estero Americano Watershed between the hamlets of Bloomfield and Valley Ford. The climate, soil and water resources make for perfect conditions for cultivating prized cool-weather varietals ranging from Spinach,Strawberries & Broccoli to many unique crops such as Spigarello and Verdolaga. We also have an extensive dry-farming operation and are working to elevate marketplace understanding of the numerous benefits (from flavor to environmental impact) of dry farming methods.


  • Size: 45 acres between Valley Ford and Bloomfield, CA
  • Historical Uses: Dairy, Alfalfa, Turkeys, Potatoes
  • Soil Type: Steinbeck Silty Sandy Loam
  • Irrigation: Combination of dry farmed and well-irrigation
  • Organic Certification: Certified in the US, Canada and European Union by Organic Certifiers

Bloomfield Organics looks forward to hearing from you.

  • 12550 Valley Ford Road, Petaluma CA 94952
  • 707.876.3261
  • contact[at]bloomfieldfarmsorganics.com


4 responses to “ABOUT US

  1. Paula Wells

    Do you delivery to Oakland?

  2. Dave m

    in our most recent package, we received some holy basil. I was unfamiliar and used it to make some tea and very much enjoyed it. Is it possible to get the source for that? I would like to purchase more if possible.


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