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Thank you for your interest in our family farm. Bloomfield Organics is an award winning organic vegetable, strawberry, pasture raised eggs and herb farm in the rolling hills of Western Sonoma County. We are honored to tend the soil and grow the most nutritious and delicious food for our community.

Please note: We are Bloomfield Organics, formerly known as Bloomfield Farms.  If you are looking for Bloomfield Farms clickhere to be redirected to their site.  Thanks!

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Happy New Year!

2013-06-16 15.40.23
We wish you and yours a wonderful New Year!



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Join Us on 10/13 for U-Pick Sunday with Chef Matt Elias

Bloomfield Organics is so excited to host local chef Matthew Elias for a splendid farm brunch at our U-Pick Sunday event!!! On Sunday October 13th from 10am-1pm hike the fields to harvest a week’s worth of Bloomfield Organics produce then return to our farm lounge for a relaxing meal prepared by one of our favorite local food superstars!

Chef Matthew Elias at UPick Sunday

For more details about U-Pick Sunday (e.g. what to bring, prices etc…) please visit our Bloomfield Organics U-Pick Page.

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Feeding People, Helping Farms – Bloomfield Organics Fridge Gleaning

In  a recent San Francisco Chronicle interview, Craig McNamara of the Center for Land-Based Learning mentioned a few things that hit home for all of us at Bloomfield Farms. He said that “At some point from farm to table we lose 40 percent of our food,” and in addition that “seventeen percent of our communities [in California] – mostly children – don’t know where their next meal will come from.” These statistics stagger the mind, pointing to a food system that is not only ridiculously inefficient and but wildly unjust.

All farmers doing good work in a hungry world, especially when farms and farming are on the decline, should have no problem selling or donating 100% of their harvest. And all citizens, no matter how poor or remote, should have access to affordable and high quality food.  And as farmers there is one  last statistic important to mention: according to FarmsReach 53% of farms in the in the US report a net loss each year and do not break even, nonetheless make a profit. This is all very troubling, yet at our farm we know that solutions exist to addressing these challenges.


Here’s a story for you. Last Sunday about 6:00pm our team of upstart farmers returned to the farm from the 3 farmers markets we work in the Bay Area (Larkspur, Kensington & Sebastopol). We took a look in the fridge and once again, for the umpteenth odd weekend, we had brought back anywhere from 20-30% of our premium produce from the markets, still packed in the boxes. We didn’t sell out. It is undendingly frustrating to look in the cooler and see all of that hard work, investment, passion, driving miles, fuel and premium, organic-certified produce just sitting there, uneaten and unsold. There was cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, radishes, chard, kale, braising mix…the list goes on. All in all probably about $400-$600 of produce if it were to be valued at premium retail prices.


So instead of feeding it all to our chickens (we call our flock the 1%) we decided to conduct an experiment to see if we could get that ultra-premium food into the mouths of hungry and budget-conscious community members and make back some of our costs. Sure it’s great to make donations to address food insecurity but what about farmer insecurity? This is an important issue as well and ideally, solutions to the challenge will address both. So at around 7:00pm we cranked up the laptop in our farm office (a converted shipping container) and made the following Facebook Post “BLOOMFIELD ORGANICS FOOD SECURITY EXPERIMENT — FLASH MOB FRIDGE GLEANING!!! Please read and share.”

We offered any upstart organizer the entire pile of premium produce for $200 if they could show up with one truck by 11am the next monday morning and, after a high five or hug, take it off our hands. We had no clue what to expect but soon the gears of deal-making and community-building began to crank and within approximately 1.5 hours we had struck a deal with Megan Sweeley of the Harvest Park subdivision in Santa Rosa. Megan, who had been to our farm in 2012 for one of our U-Pick Sunday events, took an educated gamble on this offer and used Facebook to round up 8 or so families, get them each to pitch in around $20 clams and before we knew it, the deal was done and her hubby was pulling his dodge into our farm to pick up their vegetables.


  • $4-600 of premium, local, seasonal, organic-certified food saved from waste
  • 8 hard-working Sonoma County families accessed affordable food, nearly a week’s worth, at a great price
  • Local farming family makes $200 is able to recoup some of their limited farming dollars
  • A lasting relationship between Bloomfield Farms and The Harvest Park neighborhood is forged
  • Chickens had to work a bit harder for their food 🙂


Megan Sweeley had this to write when we asked her for a bit of information about her neighborhoods experience (thanks Megan):

“There were 7 total families from our neighborhood and 2 members of my husband’s family. Our subdivision is called Harvest Park and we are in the southwest area of Santa Rosa off of Petaluma Hill Road. I shared your Facebook post and that’s how the proverbial ball got rolling. Everyone except the 2 family members everyone brought their $20 over to my house by the next morning and the deal was done. We divided up the delivery after work and everyone went home with delicious and nutritious fresh food. We all are full-time working families with young children so to be able to do this was a special treat we don’t always have time to make the effort for. Not to mention it was a great price!!”


The statistics are as correct as they are depressing. A huge amount of premium and perishable food goes to waste before it gets to the digestive tracts of people. A tremendous number of folks (especially kids) go hungry. All the while a majority of our farmers lose money doing what they love – feeding people, stewarding the land, building agriCULTURE and working with the dirt. WHAT THE….???

But this small experiment at Bloomfield Farms in collaboration with the “interwebs” and a great little neighborhood in Santa Rosa sheds some light on SIMPLE and down-2-earth solutions to pressing food system and community challenges. Thanks to a sturdy online community, one POWER MOM and the willingness to work together, we were able to solve a few challenges at once, and have a great time along the way. Together we helped Families and helped Farms. What could possibly be better?

PS –Some great resources courtesy of Haney Armstrong on the topic of Crop Mobs as well as a California Crop Mob facebook group created by Roots of Change


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A February Walk at Bloomfield Organics

Farming can provide a wonderful lifestyle but, like many other lines of work, it can be a frustrating business. At times it’s like pushing a hay bale uphill in the rain. And if you’re trying to farm year-round, like we are,  it can be even more challenging.

We’re not going to “manure” ya’ here…it’s been a challenging winter for our farm as we’re sure it’s been for others. Multiple factors, including an at-times rocky relationship with Mother Nature, have contributed to a challenging start to the year so far, especially with the cold spell delivered by January. Plants are growing slow and, while the bills continue to flow, we just haven’t had a lot of produce to offer.

Bloomfield Farms Walk


But today we decided to take a bit of a break to walk up that hill, just behind our place, for a bit of perspective. And when we got to the top and turned around, this is what we saw and what inspired us. We saw a natural canvas with which our farming team produces edible art. We saw our good neighbors, the farms and ranches who share our delights and struggles to remain viable in agriculture. We saw fields, weather and other factors permitting, that are going to explode with nutritious abundance in the near future. And, most importantly, we saw our team members, members of our family and, in our mind’s eye, we saw the thousands of customers, friends and neighbors who have supported our farm over the years in more ways than can be articulated.

Whether it’s our loyal CSA members, our guests to  U-Pick Sunday, or our amazing local business, grocer and restaurant partners, we were reminded how blessed we are to be in this community and reminded of our lengthy mission….to grow and offer local, organic, fresh-as-all-get-out, GMO-free produce of unparalleled quality, and…importantly…to be a pleasant, transparent, educational and reliable farming partner to all of you.

We look forward to spending more time with you in the upcoming months as things warm up a bit and, basically, there is a bit less mud. The U-Pick Sunday series of events just around the corner. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), with loyal members we can’t thank enough for getting us through the winter, remains open for enrollment with multiple food communities around the bay area. And soon, when things pick up a bit, our produce will again be featured at some of the most amazing establishments in the Bay Area. And we’ll continue our practice of consistently letting you know about those establishments where you can find our produce.

THANK YOU! Thank you for considering where your food comes from and for caring about  the farmers who grow it. Thank you for buying local from our farm — even if it’s a bit more of a stretch financially, than heading to the global chain store. Thank you for recognizing the difference between global AgriBusiness and local AgriCulture which grows not only pure food but additionally a myriad of environmental, social and economic benefits. Thank you for choosing Bloomfield Farms as well as the other amazing local farms and ranches in our area.

We farm for you and cannot survive and thrive without you. And please enjoy some of the photos we took walking back down the hill today!


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October’s “LET THE PRODUCE FREE” CSA drive

As many of you know Bloomfield Farms has a CSA PROGRAM delivering our seasonal, Bloomfield Farms CSAorganic produce to numerous drop off points in the bay area. From Santa Rosa and Larkspur to Tiburon and St. Helena new locations are added regularly. We also include recipes and invitations (at a discount for members) to our special events such as U-PICK SUNDAYS. Since launching this program we have received excellent feedback and have tried our very best to keep improving for our members.

So….here’s the deal and we hope you will consider this offer from our family farm.


  • NEW CUSTOMERS & MEMBER OFFER! To earn a place at your dinner table we offer any new member a free CSA share (box). This equates to a week or more of vegetables depending on the size of your family. Please consider signing up and if you could share this special offer with your friends we’d be grateful. Offer Ends October 1st! — LEARN MORE & SIGN UP


  • EXISTING CUSTOMER OFFER! For existing CSA customers we appreciate your business a great deal and hope you are enjoying your subscription. If you are planning on continuing your subscription with us we want to offer you the opportunity to renew your subscription now for 12, or 24 shipments. In addition to the discount you recieve for these subscription levels, for every 4 shares you subscribe for we are going to provide you with a complimentary share. Offer Ends October 31st — ADD SHARES TO YOUR ACCOUNT NOW


  • BECOME A CSA CHAMPION! If we do not currently serve your neighborhood, organization or community we would be pleased to work with you to establish a drop off point. To establish a new Bloomfield Farms drop off point we require atleast 10 members to commit and if this happens the host recieves free produce in exchange for the willingness to work with us and become a host. — EMAIL BLOOMFIELD FARMS

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New CSA for Tiburon, Belvedere & Strawberry Hosted by the Tiburon Tavern and Lodge at Tiburon

Bloomfield Farms is pleased to launch our premium organic CSA program in partnership with The Lodge at Tiburon and the Tiburon Tavern.




Each Friday between 2:30pm and 9:00pm local residents of Tiburon, Belvedere, Strawberry & surrounds can stop by to pick up their delivery of the freshest, premium organic produce available and…have a happy hour beverage and meal prepared by Executive Chef Jamie Prouten and his highly capable team of culinary fantastics.

Each CSA delivery contains produce from Bloomfield Farms, winner of a 2012 World Pure Food Award, and is powered by powerful Farmigo technology to make the customer experience smooth, secure and easy and…help us farmers adapt to the 21st century! For instance, if you want to take a break or go on your dream vacation to Baja you can easily go online and put your deliveries on hold and deliveries will automatically commence upon your return.


The first 10 subscribers will receive a free box of produce as a thank you for being a pioneer for this program. This is a $25-$35 value.


Sign Up Now at Farmigo! 

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