Join our Bloomfield Organics™ CSA program Receive a regular delivery of exceptional organic produce, support a local farming family and work with us build a healthy and vibrant local food system! For more info on Community Supported or Shared Agriculture click here)



Signing up to start your membership is easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Enroll online by first reading the Terms of Agreement below
  •  Sign Up to subscribe and manage your CSA share subscription!
  • Prices range depending on location, but on average you will invest $20 for a small box and $30 for a large box
  • OR give us a ring at 707.876.3261 we will walk you through the online process
  • OR Email CSA@bloomfieldfarmsorganics.com with your contact information (name, email, phone number) and we will get back to you promptly.

Bloomfield Farms CSA

Bloomfield Organics™ CSA & U-Pick Offerings

Currently we offer the following CSA “Food Hubs” with our amazing and gracious host organizations with prices varying by location and the distance of delivery and transportation mileage:

Note: if you would like to become a “CSA Champion” and establish a drop off point in a location near you please reach out to us at CSA@bloomfieldfarmsorganics.com and we would be pleased to explore this with you. CSA Champions receive a free CSA subscription for their efforts.



Give the gift of locally grown & “beyond organic” produce from Bloomfield Farms. The BLOOMFIELD ORGANICS™ CSA program offers pick up locations throughout Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties and might be just the gift you’ve been looking for for a friend, colleague or family member. Here are the steps!

Step #1: Go to http://csa.farmigo.com/store/bloomfieldfarms

Step #2: Log In to your account or, if you are not a member, set up your store account

Step #3: Go to the “Gift Certificates” tab and select the amount you would like to gift

Step #4: In the checkout comments box, please indicate in the notes the FULL NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER of your Gift Recipient as well as the drop location you think will best suit them and/or other notes

Step #5: Once your gift certificate is ordered we will email it to you for printing and giving to your special giftee!!!




~Please read and accept these policies to become a member. By choosing to enroll in our BLOOMFIELD ORGANICS™ CSA or U-PICK program with Bloomfield Organics you are agreeing to these terms and policies~

In order for you to gain the most from your subscription  please read the following policies and understandings that keep our programs working smoothly for everyone involved, especially you. Your experience and satisfaction is paramount and reading this material is the first step to help towards that goal.

Our Bloomfield Organics™ CSA &  U-Pick programs are an excellent way to ensure you receive the highest quality local agricultural products and also show your support for local farms such as ours . This is much more than a convenient way to purchase your produce and food, you are actually showing your support and contracting with the farm for a certain number of shares. Additionally your subscription shows that you understand the challenging nature of farming and the work it takes to plant, tend, and harvest crops. Bloomfield Organics does deliver and drop off your weekly shares. However we do not see ourselves as  a delivery service; your subscription is a contract to receive a minimum of one month’s worth of produce with exception to U-Pick Weekends. By making this commitment you are doing so much to support our farm and the local food system. Thank you!

By working directly with our farm there are many benefits including: fresher produce, direct communication with the farm and a vibrant, healthy food experience. Bloomfield Organics will do all we can to assure a bountiful harvest that goes according to plan, but certain things are beyond our control, and may reduce yields, create substitutions, or result in complete losses. If there is a loss, Bloomfield Organics will attempt to reimburse you for the value of that loss but offers no guarantee.


Visiting the Farm: I realize that by bringing my person, family and friends to this working farm that certain risks are inherent in walking the property, cutting vegetables, and being near agricultural equipment. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bloomfield Organics LLC, its employees, agents and contractors from and against any claims, suits, liens, judgements, damages, losses and expenses.

Eating Produce: I realize there are risks associated with the consumption of any food and perishable agricultural crops and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bloomfield Organics LLC, its employees, agents and contractors from and against any claims, suits, liens, judgements,  damages, losses and expenses associated with the consumption of Bloomfield Organics produce.

Guarantees: I understand that Bloomfield Organics cannot guarantee the delivery of specific crops at specific times in specific quantities.  Drawing from over 30 years of farming and food experience, I know the farm will d0 its best however I fully understand that adjustments and changes may need to occur as we negotiate with Mother Nature (and Traffic) to bring you the best food and produce possible. If adjustments are warranted I understand that Bloomfield Farms will make every attempt to communicate with me in advance so that I am kept up to date.  I understand that adjustments to the farm programs are solely the discretion of Bloomfield Farms, but also understand that the farm will strive to gather member input and perspective along the way.

Picking Up My Share: As a customer, I understand that I am responsible for picking up my weekly share from my chosen pickup location during the designated time frame.

Unable to Pick Up My Share: If for any reason I cannot pick up my weekly share shipment, I understand that I am responsible to either make arrangements by the Sunday prior to delivery by midnight in order to to skip a shipment OR to have someone pick up my share delivery and check off my name on the sign-in sheet.

Donation of Shares Not Picked Up: As a customer, I understand that if I do not pick up my share within the distribution time frame, it will be donated to an interested party or facility, designated by pickup location host.

Payments & Subscription Management with Farmigo: Bloomfield Organics uses a web-based software program called Farmigo. With it, customers have online access to their own accounts and can manage subscriptions and preferences, with the exceptions of changing email addresses or requesting opt outs. While Bloomfield Organics will do whatever we can to help, it is the my responsibility as customer to manage my own account online.

This is an Electronic Payment Only Program: The Bloomfield Organics™CSA & U-Pick programs rely on automatic payments in a system called Farmigo. Currently we accept only AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card and Diner’s Club. It is my responsibility as a member to manage this feature in my account. I understand that Bloomfield Organics can only deliver my share when I have compensated them via electronic payment. I will be automatically charged whenever my account level reaches $0. Bloomfield Organics reserves the right to modify prices but will only do so after advanced written communication with members.

Keeping Account Information Updated: As a customer of the Bloomfield Organics, I agree to pay my account in a timely manner and keep my membership account information up to date.

Communication & Confidentiality Practices: I understand that Bloomfield Organics communicates with customers and members primarily through email and blogging and may use my information for this purpose. As a customer and member, I understand that it is my responsibility to open and read all emails to stay informed. If my email address or any other contact information changes, I will contact CSA@bloomfieldfarmsorganics.com or call (707) 876-3261. I also understand that Bloomfield Organics does not sell or rent my email list or my private customer information. I understand also that once in a while, our  technology provider Farmigo may do a national charitable program or some other effort. I allow Bloomfield Organics to give Farmigo approval to communicate with me via email only but only if Bloomfield Organics feels that it will be interesting and of value to me..

Cancellation & Refund Policy: Once enrolled as a subscriber, I understand that I may cancel my subscription at any time at least four days prior to the next scheduled pick-up by emailing  csa@bloomfieldfarmsorganics.com and communicating in writing that I would like to cancel my subscription. For longer term share subscriptions, I understand that I may receive a refund but it will be at the discretion of Bloomfield Organics after analysis of my account. Some of my subscription funds may have been allocated already to expenses which allow the farm to grow my produce. In the event that a refund is made I understand it may take up to 30 days to receive my refund.


I would like to be a member of Bloomfield Organics CSA or U-Pick Weekend Customer and have read and agree to the policies above.

Sign up Here! for CSA

4 responses to “CSA BOXES

  1. Linda werlin

    How much is the half box delivered to dillon beach?

  2. Janet Brown

    When will you have deliveries to the napa area?

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