Contact Bloomfield Organics to schedule  farm tours for large groups and schools in the San Francisco bay area and Napa-Sonoma wine country communties including Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Sonoma County and Marin County. These can be general field tours and/or combined with a U-Pick elements and catered to allow all participants to return home or back to class with a full stomach as well as fresh organic vegetables from our farm.

Rate for Tour Only: $20 per person ($300 minimum) for 1.5 hour farm tours. Two weeks advanced scheduling required.

Rates for U-Pick Adventures: $40 per person ($400 minimum) for 2.5 hour farm tour and U-Pick Adventure delivering a wonderful educational experience, group photographs and allowing all participants to head home with a basket or box of wonderful organic produce!

Include Lunch in Your Tour: with advanced notice Bloomfield Organics can include catered meals to start or end your adventure with a picnic lunch or meal. Our roster of exclusive chefs and catering teams are members of our PASSPORT program with experience serving large groups as well as transforming our harvests into wonderful culinary delights

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